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Foot grew two sizes after pregnancies

Posted by Sandra Chatellier on 4/07/98 at 11:59 (000528)

I was wondering if growth in foot size may have anything to do with my left foot heel pain. Within six years and two pregnancies my foot went from 9 to 11. My heel pain is on the left side of the heel and is a tingly kind of pain. My family doctor just prescribed diclofenac
and Dr. Scholl heel inserts. He didn't take an xray.

Re: Foot grew two sizes after pregnancies

ken on 4/08/98 at 05:43 (000535)

Sometimes a growth in foot size is the result of an arch that has collapsed. The collapsing arch can cause heel pain when it over-stretches the plantar fascia. If the foot growth is only on one leg, compare the two arches. A good podiatrist would be able to answer the question if it's not obvious in just looking at them.