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Unusual Symptoms: is this planar fasciitis?

Posted by Ric on 4/10/98 at 13:31 (000560)

For a couple of years I have had severe arch pain in the middle of my arch (right in front of where the front of my shin comes down) when I walk or run. The doctors say I have pf, but they haven't done many tests, and they say there are several symptoms that seem unlikely if it is pf. When walking I usually feel the pain at the moment the ball of my foot begins to lift off the ground. When it is bad, I feel it as I roll forward onto the ball of my foot after putting the heel down, but not when my weight is directly over my arch and my foot flattens out. I don't feel it if I do toe raises (although that is what originally gave me this problem), but I feel it as the weight comes off of my foot. Also, it doesn't hurt to walk if I point my toes outward and consciously flatten my arch as I walk, which the doctor said should make the pain worse, because it stretches the pf. I suspect it is because when I walk like this my ankle doesn't bend much. I've tried lots of orthdics, but none of them seem to really get rid of the pain, although a shoe with a high arch helps. Strangely enough, I don't seem to have this at all when I wear my stiff plastic telemark ski boots which bend at the toe but not at the ankle. This may also be because the ankle doesn't bend in the boots. There also seems to be a slight bump or lump in the planar fascia where it hurts, but this is only noticable to the massage therapist. I've also noticed the arch gets very inflammed if I do exercises for the arch, such as toe curls with a towell.

Has anybody had any symptoms like these? The doctor keeps telling me he is baffled as to what is wrong, and I realize it is up to me to try to find out what it could be if it is not pf and how to treat it. I appreciate any help people might have.

Re: Unusual Symptoms: is this planar fasciitis?

Douglas Padian on 4/20/98 at 15:16 (000025)

Ric -- If you don't mind me asking, how much do you weigh, and how tall are you? I am wondering how much weight plays into the arch pain scenario as opposed to heel pain. I am not overweight, but I am not incredibly thin ( and I used to be before this started ). I weight about 190 and I am 6'1'. I am trying to lose about 20 lbs. to see if it will help.

Re: Unusual Symptoms: is this planar fasciitis?

Ric on 4/21/98 at 13:01 (000030)

Douglas, I'm 5'10' and about 150lbs, so I don't think weight is the problem (but I did only weight about 140 when this started, because I've stopped running, etc.). I used to carry a lot of heavy backpacks without pain. Once in a while now I carry a pack, but I haven't found it affects the pain (although often I'm in ski boots when doing so). I've heard a lot of folks say weight is related to pf, and losing some weight is certainly worth it if it would help. I would certainly do whatever possible to lose some weight if the pf would go away. Keep us posted as to whether it helps.

Re: Unusual Symptoms: is this planar fasciitis?

Janis, MA on 4/13/98 at 11:48 (000573)

I have PF in both feet and I have experienced the same pain in my
ankle at the bottom of my left shin. I thought it was due to walking
on the same side of the road (4miles/day) which was kind of uneven
and bowed over. So I began walking on the opposite side--- NO change.
My DR still doesn't know what this is! Still wrapping my feet in the
flexed position to relieve pain while sleeping kind of helps.

Re: Unusual Symptoms: is this planar fasciitis?

Douglas Padian on 4/16/98 at 18:15 (000589)

Ric -- It still sounds like you have tearing of the plantar fascia, though not the classic symptoms. I too have pain in the arch as opposed to the classic pain which is local to the heel area. For me, wearing something with a high arch helps as well. I have very high arches and they descend quite a bit every time I step down. My doctor is making a set of orthotics for me that will have a higher arch than the ones I currently have. Hopefully this will help more.