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Does anyone have any regrets about surgery?

Posted by Evelyn on 4/11/98 at 13:03 (000566)

Hi everyone out there who is in misery.I have had this dreaded thing called PF for about five years. I tried all of the conventional methods with very little improvement. After some research re:surgery and a consultation with a foot surgeon, I decided to have EPF done on one foot. I wish now that I had found this web site before. I really don't think that I would have gone ahead with it.
Before surgery, I thought that my quality of life was really deteriorating and put all my trust in the surgeon who said that surgery would be a piece of cake and that my foot problems would be over.

Surgery wasn't that bad but the recovery has been hell
! I have followed all of his instructions to the letter and after almost four months, I'm in more pain than ever. MOst of it is directly in the area where the surgery was performed . I've done ultrasound and taping and inflammatories with little in the way of improvement.
My doctor wants to wash his hands of the whole thing and insists that the pain is all in my mind. He says that the more I use the foot, the better it will heal. At this point, I don't know whether to take his advice or not.Somedays I'm beside myself with both pain and confusion.

Has anyone had a similar experience with slow healing and can you give me some hope for the future?

I really wish doctors would be a little more honest wih you instead of painting such a rosy picture in order to hook you into such procedures. I guess we should ask more questions first. Perhaps the most important one should be if they would have the same operation themselves if they had the same condition. I'll bet the honest answer would be ....NO. If he had told me honestly what to expect on this never ending road to recovery at least I would know what to expect and wouldn't be so confused and frustated .

Has anyone got a few words of encouragment? Thanks!

Re: Does anyone have any regrets about surgery?

Zohreh on 4/23/98 at 10:35 (000041)

Hi Annette,
Thanks very much for your response.I just got a glucosamine complex
but I think i should get glucosamine sulfate I don't know if there
is a difference between the two. I'm gonna get what you take hopefully
is gonna help me too. I still have pain when i'm walking, like you
I cannot tolerate hard inserts either. I will be good if I can walk
on weekends since I really cannot do anything, do you do any stretching, sometime it feel i have more pain in days which i do
streching i don't know why .

Re: Does anyone have any regrets about surgery?

Annette on 4/24/98 at 08:08 (000045)

Some say glucosamine sulfate is better than the HCL. I f you have a combination of both I would try it and see if it works for you. I started out on the HCL and did get some relief from that, but then switched to the sulfate because I read it was better. Yes, I stretch twice a day. I do the stretches Dr. Kiper has on his site. They do seem to increase the pain when I first do them, but later I know if they are beneficial. Try calf and achilles stretches. Try anything and everything on this site. It may take a combination of the suggestions to get you some relief. No one thing works, its usually a combination of therapies by trial and error. Good luck!

Re: Does anyone have any regrets about surgery?

Annette on 4/11/98 at 17:44 (000567)

I have had the same thing from doctors. See my other posts. they think the pain is all in your head, let me assure you IT IS NOT! I had bunion surgery on my foot 4 years ago and the pain was horrible
and never went away. I also had plantar fasciitis. Doctors are verY ignorant. I tried all the traditional therapies including the stretching, orthotics anti-inflammatories etc. etc. etc. I got some relief, but not much. I finally began to think maybe there was something wrong with my metabolism, my ability to heal, or some other imbalance in my system. After reading some of the posts on this I decided to try glusocsamine and chondroitin. Within a week I began to feel some pain relief. Other posts on this sight mentioned B complex vitamins, and magnesium, calcium and zinc supplements. buying all of these is not cheap, but I have been on them for about 2 months. I am much better! I would say I have had a 75% reduction in inflammation and pain. I continue to improve a little each day. I can hardly believe it! I do not know if they will work for you but it is worth a try. Other people posting on this sight have had help with these. People with fibromyalgia have had relief also. I would be glad to talk to anyone on the phone about my experience. My phone # is 715-339-4362. Anyone can call me collect. If I can help anyone I am willing to do it.

Re: Does anyone have any regrets about surgery?

lisa on 4/11/98 at 20:33 (000568)

can you provide more info about the supplements you are taking (especially glucosamine and chondroitin) and dosages? I've heard that they're helpful but can't seem to find more specific info. Thanks!

Re: Does anyone have any regrets about surgery?

zohreh on 4/17/98 at 12:03 (000591)

Hi Annette,
Thanks for your info about the supplements you're taking. I'm in
the same boat as you are. I had surgery over 15 months ago and
still in pain. Could you tell me exactly what type and how much
supplements you take every day. I'm afraid of taking things which
may cause some other problems. Do you wear an insert in your shoes
and what type?