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What is Lateral Column Pain?

Posted by Greg on 4/14/98 at 00:53 (000580)

Does anyone out there have any experience with lateral column pain and what are the symptoms? My surgeon told me that this was one of the risks of surgery. I'm having a lot of pain around my outer ankle area and am wondering if it is just caused by me trying to keep most of my weight away from the heel as the surgery was going through the healing process. I mentioned my concerns to my doctor but as usual he just passed off my questions . They sure don't want to take any responsibility for anything other than a perfect result which I gather from this site is quite rare.

Re: What is Lateral Column Pain?

Cindy on 4/19/98 at 17:46 (000014)

Hi, well, my dr. described lateral column pain as being on the outside of the foot, on the top, and extending down toward the little toe. Does that make sense? He said its caused by walking on the foot after surgery, before the fascia has healed sufficiently, and the forces of walking are transferred to the outside, top of the foot, above the little toe, about half-way up the foot. Wearing the surgical boot for many weeks will reduce the chance of getting it, according to my doc. So, he wanted me in the boot for 6 weeks, because of the mechanics of my foot I was extra prone to get it. I didn't.

Re: What is Lateral Column Pain?

greg on 4/19/98 at 18:06 (000016)

Thanks a lot Cindy for your explanation. When I went to see my doctor and told him that I was having trouble with pain 0n the outside of my foot and that my weight was shifting to that side , he just looked at me and asked why. Excuse me, but isn't that supposed to be his expertise. It's really a shame when we the patient know more about our condition than they do
The next time you'e talking to your doctor , please ask him if this is something permanent and what I can do to ease the pain. Would getting new orthotics help ?

Thanks a million, Cindy. It's nice to know that we all can count on each other for help rather than our so-called professionals.

Re: What is Lateral Column Pain?

cindy on 4/20/98 at 14:57 (000023)

I remember my dr. saying that lateral column pain is 'real and its hard to deal with.' I think that cortisone shots are part of the cure (can you believe that? One would hope after surgery that those would end!) I don't know anymore about the treatment, but I will ask when I talk to my dr again. Did your dr have any suggestions at all? Maybe you should go back and ask him directly about lateral column pain - you know he has to know about it

Re: What is Lateral Column Pain?

Suzy on 4/14/98 at 23:06 (000586)

I am experiencing the same pain in the outer ankle.. It is a nerve that is irrated. I just had an injection for the pain last week. Its lasted about 3 days. I also have the pain going across the middle of the foot. I think that that is what they call Lateral Column
Good Luck