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Will I ever get back to my walking program?

Posted by Margaret on 4/15/98 at 18:29 (000588)

I've been walking 4-5 days a week for over a year with no problems. Recently I retired and starting adding more time to my brisk walking and all of a sudden severe heel pain. I've called it quits for 2 weeks now and the pain has subsided. Can I start back to walking? I think I'm going to get fitted for more shoes - what kind do I ask for for over pronating?

Re: Will I ever get back to my walking program?

cindy on 4/19/98 at 17:39 (000013)

Hi, I agree with Lyn - get to a Dr. Don't start walking without getting your problem evaluated - you may need good orthotics, not just good shoes, if you pronate. I wish I had been more careful - I just kept walking my 4 miles a day, and now I've had this for over 2 years, both feet, with surgery, and no end in sight. Please take this seriously
And, good luck.