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Failed EPF Surgery

Posted by Richard O Lundeen DPM on 5/22/98 at 23:09 (000616)

We are currently preparing our results with a large # of EPF outcomes for publication. Our research has produced a set of 'failed' procedures that have responded to an allgorhythmic diagnostic regime indicating relative success to further conservative or surgical treatment. Consultation is available at no cost if:

The sample of patients we are looking for is very limited and only involves those who have already had an EPF.


Re: Failed EPF Surgery

eileen on 5/26/98 at 08:54 (000638)

I had EPF in aug 97 on the left foot, I do not consider myself a success story by any means, closer to failure would probably be more accurate. I still have pain with walking any more than a 1/4-1/2 mile , just recently re started antiinflamatory drug bid so I can get more exersice, have changed my lifestyle, change jobs from being on my feet all day to sitting at a phone and computer which has helped the pain considerably. Continue to do stretching bid, orthotic daily, unable to wear anything but athletic sneakers and orthotics. I went through all the traditional treatments prior to surgery with only very mild improvement. Lifestyle changes have been the most helpfull. If you would like to have more info. please write me at EML729@aol.com

Re: Failed EPF Surgery

MAUREEN REYNOLDS on 5/29/98 at 12:55 (000663)

Had EPF 2 yrs. ago on right foot after suffering PF 15 yrs. Had done
NSAID, shots, therapy, orthodics for years before. Surgery has made
foot much worse; lifestyle now walk to car and back. Desperate for
relief. Have epilepsy and taken Dilantin for 20 yrs. But had all tests
(EMG, other nerve tests) and no damage apparent. Please recommend any
doctor or treatment possible. Have been to Phila Podiatric Institute,
Dr. Hecht at Hahnemann and others. Everyone gives up on me. Please
help! Thanks.

Re: Failed EPF Surgery

Lynda Spiegel on 6/07/98 at 17:52 (000721)

I had and EPF in March of '96 of my right foot because that was the worst. I first had symptoms of PF in both feet in '92 after several years of doing high-impact aerobics. Before my EPF I had my feet taped, cortisone shot, NSAIDs, foot splint, physical therapy with stretching and ultrasound, expensive orthotics as well as heel cups and cushioning. Have seen 4 podiatrists, 2 orthopedists, one rheumatologist. Had 2 more cortisone shots after that procedure. I had a second more open procedure done directly on my heel, about 1 1/2 inches in 1/97. After that procedure I had quite a large lump on my heel, had more physical therapy and 1 more cortisone shot. My podiatrist as a last resort suggested Amitriptyline for nerve pain. I had some results with that but very dry mouth, stopped it this Feb. and saw a pain clinic specialist and am currently in a pain management class. Now I'm on Nortriptyline and Ultram for flare-ups. It hasn't been fun but as I told my podiatrist I'm not sorry I had either procedure because I would have always wondered if I'd done everything possible.

Re: Failed EPF Surgery

Peggy on 9/24/98 at 19:08 (001942)

I have been off work since Oct. 1997. Before that I worked on a Casino boat, working 12 hour shifts for the just over two years. Lots of time on my feet. In 1996 my feet started bothering me. I went and bought the best shoes recommended by the shoe deailer {SAS} along with generic orthodics. They worked for a while. The pain came back worse than before. In April of 1997 I received injections of cortizone in both heels. For three weeks I could barly walk. Iwas given a sit down job for this time period. The Dr. said if it dosn't work I should see a speicalist. In Oct. of 1997 I went to see a DMP and received two more injections. The first visit he was talking surgery because of my history and because I had tried all other methods of relief. He suggested time off and I was off for 3 months sick leave to see if it would help. It didn't. I had my first EPF on my fight foot in Jan 98 and the left in Mar 98. The pain is worse than before surgery, my gate has changed causing ankel problems. The night splints seem to help that, but my arches and heels ache constantly. The worst pain is localized around the scar tissue caused by surgery and wearing custom orthodics is impossible. I continue with PT, ultrasound, icing, and massages. I can't walk a block without pain and I don't see any relief in the near future. By the way, the surgeon is convinced he fixed the PF, claiming never to have failed, and wants me to see a psychologist. I think he needs one for his ego. Even after that he recommended additinal shots. Go figure!