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Given the choice of cortisone or surgery, I take the shot!

Posted by Melissa on 5/23/98 at 22:51 (000627)

Thank you for your response. My mother was cured of PF four years ago by having two cortisone shots and having her foot taped for a few days. She has had no recurrence of her PF or any symptoms since she got over the soreness of the second shot. Because of her experience, and the fact that a cortisone shot in my ankle in December ended the chronic pain I continued to have 2 1/2 months after ankle surgery, I decided to have the shot. I have also read the bad results people have had from EPF surgery, so I would like to avoid that. I know that there are risks and hazards with the shots, but possibly avoiding surgery is well worth the risk. I felt pain during my surgery last September during my surgery, and it took me 2 1/2 painful months to recover, so needless to say, I am extremely afraid of having another surgery. I have also had no ill effects from cortisone shots before. My podiatrist offered to prescribe anti-inflammatories in addition to the cortisone when I was in getting my shot on Monday, and I emphatically turned them down because they don't work and sometimes cause stomach pain that is worse than the PF pain. My podiatrist is conservative and very easy to discuss things with. He is very good about answering questions and concerns, and he explained the reason he was recommending cortisone and the risk involved. I had stretching exercises, heel cushions, and a night splint before he did the shot. I think everyone has to make his or her own decision about what helps and what doesn't. The information on this board is helpful, but everyone has to make his or her decision about what is right.