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I got my Birks and the inserts on the last of my credit card. . .

Posted by Sherri (the Newbie) on 5/25/98 at 21:01 (000636)

But I have found some tricks, such as getting them to scedule me for shorter shifts, and trying to pile on hours in related tasks that aren't on my feet. Luckily I talked district management into letting me make a web-page for them, so that gives me some hours on my butt and off my feet.
I would love the real orthtic shoes, but can't afford them, for my real quandry is getting money to finish up my teaching certification.

I can't give up work and need all the hours I can get to pay all the bills. But the more time on my feet, the greater the pain. Maybe this is why folks go on disability....?

It's funny about chronic pain-- it starts to not hurt as sharply, but it fills your awareness so that you can't think of anything else. And when it stops for one reason or another, then it feels like heaven. My feet have me doing silly mistakes all over the place because my mind isn't on the task at hand, they are in my feet!