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Posted by Ed on 5/26/98 at 14:19 (000644)

I took Napralen (prescription). I liked it because I just had to remember to take two pills first thing every morning. So this is another possiblity you might try.

My doctor didn't tell me that different NSAIDs would work differently. In fact, she said 2 ibuprofen at a time, 4 times a day would be a less expensive alternative. This just shows that different doctors know about different things.


eileen on 5/27/98 at 16:25 (000648)

I tried samples of 8 different nsaid for 7 days each before I found one that was the most effective pain reliever for me and help reduce the swelling. It is one of the older Nsaids called clinoril or sulinidac is the generic name. One twice a day seems effective. So dont stop untill you find one that works, it takes at least 5-7 days on them med to really start taking effect so you need to give each sample med a chance before going on the the next. Good luck If I can find one that worked on my feet so can you.


Gina on 5/27/98 at 16:57 (000649)

I was on about 6 different NSAIDs during the course of a year--didn't think any really helped. Funny thing was when Dr. took me off the last one, Daypro, I felt no difference in my foot. My physio guy says that if you take the NSAIDs over a long period of time, you build up a tolerance and they are not as effective. Wish I could find one that would 'save' me