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Vitamins and Plantar Fasciitis. Do they help?

Posted by scott r on 5/27/98 at 17:33 (000650)

Most of us are only vaguely aware of the benefits of vitamins because the small profit margin in the competitive field of vitamin manufacturing is not large enough to provide kickbacks to the medical community. Vitamins cannot be patented and therefore there is not much money in making and marketing them. Many prestigious medical journals such as JAMA depend on pharmaceutical company advertisements. This and the media's need for controversial news is why we have always heard 'conflicting' 'scientific' reports about vitamins. I believe a large portion of the medical establishment (including government) gets various kinds of legitimate kickbacks from pharmaceutical companies. Vitamin manufacturers are not able to provide the the same kind of rewards.

NO ONE HAS EVER DIED FROM TAKING A VITAMIN. By comparison, a child dies every day from aspirin. Is there even one single vitamin listed in the Physicians Desk Reference? There is an enormous amount of valid scientific evidence supporting the benefits of vitamins. Why do doctors only rarely prescribe them?

The following #s come from Linus Pauling, a 2-time nobel prize winner. These doses are absolutely safe.

Re: Vitamins and Plantar Fasciitis. Do they help?

Janet on 5/30/98 at 21:35 (000681)

Thanks for the info Scott. I might add that natural anti-inflamatories (I'm experimenting with them now--no results to report yet) include tumeric extract 3-300mg. caps p/day; ginger root up to 10-550mg. caps p/day; and bromelain manufactured by Nature's Plus (take according to directions). My accupunturist has me on two Chinese herbal remedies called 'nourish the root' and 'brocade sinews'. A friend of mine who pulled some ligaments in her back swears by Liga-tend, a vitamin complex manufactured by Biochem. My understanding of healing with herbs is that its a slow process and results are not noticed for 2-3 months sometimes. I've been taking all of the above for about three weeks. I'll let you know if and when I notice improvement.

Re: Vitamins and Plantar Fasciitis. Do they help?

Rhonda on 7/29/98 at 01:14 (001118)

Do keep in mind that B3 is very damaging to the liver. Rhonda