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Newly Diagnosed with PF

Posted by Judy on 5/28/98 at 12:43 (000656)

Approx. 4 weeks ago, my podiatrist diagnosed me with this condition. My left heel is in constant pain. I do all that I am suppoed to do for the symptoms (ice, strtching, etc.) , but just as the pain subsides, I try to run, or try my walk routine, and it starts up all over again. Any reccommendations for shoes, not just Birkenstocks, and atheletic shoes, but casual & dress shoes as well. Any feedback is welcome & I thank you for it! jromine@citypages.com

Re: Newly Diagnosed with PF

Cindy on 5/28/98 at 12:42 (000655)

Gosh, Judy, I haven't worn dress shoes for 2.5 years because of the PF! I can only wear Nike - even other types of running or walking shoes cause worsening of my PF. I recommend that you give up on trying to run or walk for the near future, and just focus on getting completely rid of the PF. I ignored the pain early on, and made the condition much worse and very chronic. When my husb. had a mild case of PF years ago, he gave up running and all other exercise for one month, and recovered fully (he had PT during that month, and was diligent about the stretching).

Please take this seriously, and be careful. I wish I had. Good luck.

Re: Newly Diagnosed with PF

Rita on 5/28/98 at 16:39 (000660)

My Dr. didn't mention Birkenstocks, but did say to use any shoe with a good arch support and that the heel of the shoe should be at least one inch higher than the sole. He said to try Rockports, Dexters, Easy Spirit, etc.. I tended to take his advice because he was once a sufferer from heel spurs. He said that he changed shoes and rarely wears moccasins any more. He also said he lost about 20 pounds.
And his heels do not bother him any more. He said to stay away from any shoe with a negative heel (meaning heel is lower than the sole). I don't have any birkenstocks, but do have a couple of pairs of Dexters.
Good luck.

Re: Newly Diagnosed with PF

Paul on 5/28/98 at 19:47 (000662)

Hi seems like every one on the message board has different shoes that work for them, the best shoes for me have been doc martens, even better than running shoes, have read others on this site who said the martens did help?? you can tie up alot of money trying shoes where I bought my doc martens they said I could wear them indoors to try out then I could take them back if I did,nt want them, wish I had been smart enough to ask If I could do that with other shoes I bought, got a whole closet full of shoes I can,t wear lots that have been mentioned on this site..go figure?? any how good luck and never go barefoot!

Re: Newly Diagnosed with PF

Denise on 7/22/98 at 15:32 (001046)

I was just diagnosed a couple of days ago, both feet (oh joy!)
Is walking barefoot in the sand a thing of the past?