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Avoid barefoot indoors !

Posted by Sherri on 5/28/98 at 13:39 (000657)

I am newly diagnosed as well, and have noticed a big improvement in four weeks since wearing birkenstocks and NEVER going barefoot.

The human foot is not really designed for barefoot traversal over flat hard ground. Do yourself a treat and walk barefoot over grass, sand, etc. but never indoors.

Birkenstocks are pricey, but after only 2 weeks they have helped my pain greatly. I swear by them now.

Do keep in mind that Birkenstocks are really an orthopedic shoe, and thogh they are faddish now, there is a real reason to spend money on them besides style. They are very comfortable, and help eliminate pain caused by undue stress many people get from wearing shoes without propoer support.