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What does food grade mean?

Posted by Scott @ heelspurs on 5/29/98 at 17:07 (000664)

I bought a 55 pound box of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) for $267 for me and some friends from a chemical supply house. It's food grade. Unfortunately, it has a tint to it that pharmaceutical grade doesn't and it's made in china. Does anyone know the definitions of pharmaceutical and food grade?

Re: What does food grade mean?

Rita on 5/29/98 at 18:27 (000667)

I think it is used in fruit preservation. It prevents oxidation in fruit.(turning brown) People who can their own food use it. I do not know what, if any difference there is between the 2 grades. Good Luck!

Re: What does food grade mean?

Janis, MA on 6/03/98 at 12:29 (000699)

I believe 'food grade' contains many more impurites and/or inert
ingredients ie: starches, salts etc.