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Need help editing my detailed comments page

Posted by scott r on 5/29/98 at 17:11 (000665)

If you have ideas about how I can imrpove this site, please email me.

Re: Need help editing my detailed comments page

Ed on 6/02/98 at 08:09 (000692)

Maybe organize by topics, like the survey question you had a while back. Possible topics:
experience with different kinds of shoes
experience with different orthotics & inserts
experience with different drugs
taping and night splints
recovery from different surgeries
returning to running
nonstandard therapies

You could include some leading questions with the topics. E.g., Did your new orthotics (shoes, taping, drugs, ...) give immediate relief or was there a break-in period? If improvement was gradual, how long did it take.