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Pain from Custom Orthotics???

Posted by Viv on 5/30/98 at 11:06 (000670)

Hello to fellow sufferers:
PF for one year, physical therapy offered some but not much relief. Just picked up some custom made orthotics Tuesday: have more pain than ever in arch of one foot. Realize that there's a breaking in period, but is this normal? Or are they poorly fitted/incorrectly made?

Thanks for your input.

Re: Pain from Custom Orthotics???

Scott on 5/30/98 at 12:33 (000671)

Arch support that is too high can pull the fascia too hard and increase pain in the heel. Golden rule for PF: don't do it if it hurts.

Re: Pain from Custom Orthotics???

Cindy on 5/30/98 at 14:54 (000673)

I had terrible pain when I first got my custom orthotics - wore them for 1 hour, as instructed, the first day - had a big flare up of pain and burning for about 1 week. I didn't put them on again for 3 months - I agree, if its hurting or making you worse, don't do it.

After 3 months, the inflammation had died down enough to wear them - I went thru the breaking in period slowly, and they were fine then. I don't think they've really helped the condition in the long run. But, that's another issue, eh?

Re: Pain from Custom Orthotics???

Janet on 5/30/98 at 21:17 (000679)

Hi Viv--I too had excruciating pain from wearing new orthotics. I stopped wearing them for a few days and started again, breaking in slowly. I never have been able to wear them for an entire day--5-6 hours at the most. I've switched to over-the-counter orthotics and heel lifts which decrease the pain slightly and are more comfortable than the $400 pair from my doc. Good luck.

Re: Pain from Custom Orthotics???

Ed on 6/02/98 at 07:59 (000690)

Are your orthotics hard or soft? There was a study that got a lot of press. I think it's in another part of the PF site. The study showed that over the counter inserts gave more relief than custom made orthotics. All the orthopedists who replied said, 'Well, of course, because the study used hard plastic orthotics.' I guess hard plastic is what orthopedists normally use to force the foot & ankle into the right posture. But for PF, you want lots of heel cushioning and arch support.

Re: Pain from Custom Orthotics???

Denise C. on 6/07/98 at 12:38 (000719)

I too had severe pain from custom Orthotics that were prescribed by a podiatrist. Then went to an orthopedic surgeon who said the hard orthotics are the worst thing for PF. He too recommended the over- the-counter soft type, specifically Spenco 3/4 Length Arch Supports. They worked really well for me, providing good support but are softer and not so tiring on the foot. Good luck!