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Pain mainly in the arch of foot

Posted by Brenda on 5/30/98 at 21:35 (000680)

My center point of pain is in the arch of my foot. When massaging it
I can feel a spot that may be scar tissue. When inflamed my whole foot hurts, not just my heel area. Though I do have a high arch Dr's.
have all said I have PF. Does anyone else have pain mostly in this area of the foot? I have had 2 injections in this area. The first one helped the second seemed to make it worse.

Re: Pain mainly in the arch of foot

Merlyn on 6/01/98 at 22:18 (000689)

I have diffuse pain over the bottom of my foot...however sometimes I have a pain in my arch...it feels like my bones lock up and I have a bad time even unbending my toe...it sounds like what people experience when they have a trigger finger release. Has anyone else experienced this?

Re: Pain mainly in the arch of foot

Carol S. on 7/19/98 at 15:24 (001028)

I've got this same problem. There's actually a sizable lumpright in the middle of my arch. I've just been diagnosed with PF and also have high arches. Have you found any relief since you posted your message at the end of May?