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True! Dont wait too long!

Posted by Sherri on 6/03/98 at 19:40 (000703)

Im 28 and nearly officially disabled from this. I kept ignoring the pain for months cause i thought ' hell its just sore feet.'

Well the more it hurts, the more damage is done, the longer it takes to heal, and etc etc. Dont wait to see a doctor about this. Youare describing a lot of how I felt before it got worse. So dont wait dont wait dont wait dont wait dont wait don't wait etc etc etc etc etc

If youc atch it early, you can recover and lead a healthy lifestyle still--- and keep precautions to avoid recurrance. But if youkeep going and it is this problem, youare doing more damage.

Pain occurs for a reason. DOnt ignore your nerves.

Re: True! Dont wait too long!

Tony on 6/04/98 at 05:49 (000705)

Thanks for the tips. I've got to tell you I am terribly worried of losing my job because of it (Air Force). I only have 7 years to retirement and was hoping for at least another 3-4 years at which time I would consider surgery. The recuperation period (18 months)seeing me through to retirement.
I have seen a doctor (specialist), he told me it was a middle aged, overweight ladies problem and really couldn't offer me anything else except inserts for my insteps and surgery when the pain gets too bad.
By the way, I'm not a middle aged, overweight lady, ha ha.

Re: True! Dont wait too long!

Rita on 6/04/98 at 15:03 (000707)

Try a new Dr.! It had to be a military DR. that told you that. Try changing shoes, the heel should be at least 1 inch higher than the sole. Rest, ice, slow stretches, and try 500 mg. of glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate at least twice a day. I swear that is what nearly cured mine after about a year and a half. My doc also told me the cortisone shots had to be given on the side of the foot, one on top of the muscle and one under the muscle, NEVER into the bottom of the foot. I never got the shots, I wanted to exhaust all my other options before I tried anything invasive. Good Luck!

Re: True! Dont wait too long!

LaNell on 6/09/98 at 16:25 (000729)

I just started learning about heel spurs lately after going to the doctor{company} and being shown the X-ray. She said I had caused some soft tissue damage when I stepped off the curb and came down at an angle. She told me that 50% of the population have spurs but only half of them ever have any problems. All I know is she told me about the hot and cold treatments and the anti inflamitorys seemed to help. also the real squishy heal cushions helped more than the harder ones. She realised me but I have found the pain has reaccured and is becomming unbearable.It even hurts when I'm sittng. When I first stand I can bearly walk but after being up for awhile the pain seems to decrease.Until I sit again and the Pain starts again . Once I'm up and moving around I try not to stop for fear of the pain when I do finally stop it's terrible. I think I will need some pain medicine ect. What type of doctor should I see? I'm never sick so I don't even Have a family doctor.I've always been a strong person and this really embarrassing.Iam a novice at this computor stuff and Im sure I have talked Too much. Sorry

Re: True! Dont wait too long!

Sue on 6/10/98 at 11:24 (000736)

I have been treated by a podiatrist. He seemed very knowledgeable and
has helped me alot.