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plantar fasiitis

Posted by Lynn on 6/05/98 at 13:56 (000712)

I was just diagnosised with plantar fasciitis. The doctor told me it was from being on my feet too much. I have just been referred to a foot doctor but my question is does anyone else have any ankle pain with plantar fasciitis.

Re: plantar fasiitis

Cindy on 6/07/98 at 19:20 (000723)

I'm not sure exactly where you mean when you say 'ankle,' but if you mean under the round bone on the inside of the ankle, yes, I have had pain there almost the whole time I've had PF (28 months). Be sure to tell your dr. about this pain. The possibilities are many, and you probably don't need to worry about every possible thing this could be right now. Please just take this seriously and follow the dr's instruction, and the tips on the web cite, and let yourself heal fully! Good luck.

Re: plantar fasiitis

Eddie Millar on 6/09/98 at 15:43 (000728)


Re: plantar fasiitis

Lynn on 6/16/98 at 18:19 (000784)

Thanks for the info, however i have been to a specialist and now dignosed with tarsal tunnel syndrome. I will follow the doctors orders and go from here.