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post op PF surgery and New Balance shoes

Posted by Scott C. on 6/09/98 at 09:10 (000727)

I had endoscopic PF surgery 6 months ago after having 15 years of PF difficulty in my left foot(high arch).Prior to this,I tried every possible noninvasive treatment with little success.The operation was about 10% successfull & I still have pain in my heel and am unable to be on my feet for long. 'New Balance' brand runners have supposedly given relief to some PF sufferers. Can anyone confirm this?
If so, which model and style of shoe would be best?
Any suggestions would greatly appreciated. Scott C.

Re: post op PF surgery and New Balance shoes

Lyn on 6/09/98 at 20:00 (000731)

I have worn New Balance for years. It also is the shoe my physical therapist recommends. The walking shoe was the top rated shoe for comfort in Consumer Reports recently. When I try on a pair, when I get to the right one, my feet go AHHHHHH! I would recommend them.

I have no connection to New Balance.

Re: post op PF surgery and New Balance shoes

Scott C. on 6/10/98 at 09:57 (000733)

Thanks for your comments,Lyn. Can you tell me which style and model is best for you?----ie, cross trainer,runner,walking shoe etc.

Re: post op PF surgery and New Balance shoes

Cindy on 6/16/98 at 11:56 (000783)

Hi, I used the New Balance shoes all last summer - I had two pairs of the walking models - can't really remember which ones. I liked them because they are deep and can hold the orthotics well (the shoesalesman told me that's their claim to fame, they are especially made deep to hold orthotics). Otherwise, I didn't find them very comfortable. I'm back to my Nike Air - these are the only shoes I seem to be able to tolerate. Find a good store that sells the New Balance shoes, and a knowledgable sales person, and they might be able to really help you. I went to Nordstrom - if you live where there is one, try that. Good luck. (I also had the EPF 6 months ago, but haven't tried the New Balance since then).

Re: post op PF surgery and New Balance shoes

Lyn on 6/19/98 at 19:53 (000794)

Sorry for the time it's taken me to respond. I've done so well since surgery, I don't get here much anymore. I like style #751. It is a women's walker, but I'm sure they have something comparable for men. It's the only shoe I will buy. (I have no connection to New Balance other than wearing them) LYN