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The F-Scan was incredible - and very helpful

Posted by Cindy on 6/10/98 at 15:07 (000738)

I went to Houston to see Dr. Barrett yesterday. He has just invested in a new computerized technology called an F-Scan. You put sensors in your shoes, and are hooked up to the computer, and then walk at your normal pace on a treadmill; the computer is getting readings on what your feet are doing during every phase of your walking. Without my orthotics in, I was pronating badly on both feet, and putting much more weight on the right. With my custom orthotics inserted, I was still putting a lot more weight on my right foot at certain points in my gait, and I was basically lurching to the right. This can't be seen by the naked eye. Dr. Barrett then made numerous adjustments to my orthotics, having me walk with the sensors in on the treadmill after each one. Some made the biomechanical problem worse, but on the 5th try, the computer showed that by putting a lift under the right heel, my weight was evenly distributed between the two feet. I was very impressed with the technology - unfortunately, its expensive and very few drs. have it yet. It requires lots of time to learn to do the test and then how to interpret what the computer is showing. But, if you can find someone who has this technology, I highly recommend that you try it. We cancelled my Tarsal tunnel surgery, based on the result of the test, we decided it was reasonable to wait to see if I get relief from the correction of the biomechanics. If anyone wants more information, e-mail me. I don't really understand the full capability of the machine, but what I saw makes me believe that this technology has great potential to help a lot of people get walking and feeling better.