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Posted by Roberta Calyore on 6/10/98 at 18:43 (000740)

i have been to 3 doctors and still no relief. this has been going on for 4 months. I first was diagnoised with a heal spur. Then just rescently i went to a Orthapedic surgeon and he did another E-ray and also has found a calcium deposit both located on the back part of my heal. these are both creating lots and lots of pain.
I've had 2 cortazone shots and been on 5 different anti-inflamatories and tried many many shoe inserts and also been told to wear open heal shoes to stop rubbing on the calcium deposit from occurring and heals to keep the pressure off my heal (to ease pain of the spur)
What i am now searching for is HELP
! Has anyone experienced any of the same syptoms and found anything that i haven't tried to be helpful ?? please respond to me by E-MAIL NAPLESFLfm@aol.com

Any info will be greatly appreciated
Thanks for reading and help if you can
posted this message 6/10/98 7:46pm