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Anyone tried Birkenstock Noppies?

Posted by Kristen on 6/11/98 at 13:07 (000744)

Those are the shoes with little 'fingers' that massage your feet.
They're the cheapest Birks I've seen so far ($36) and look like they're waterproof, so I thought they'd be good for the pool/beach/shower. Just wondering if that type of insole provides sufficient support and stability. Looks like it might be kind of wobbly. Anyone?

Re: Anyone tried Birkenstock Noppies?

duane on 6/14/98 at 12:24 (000762)

i am looking for some birks or the sandals you suggest,where do i go ? im in LA CA

Re: Anyone tried Birkenstock Noppies?

Janet on 6/14/98 at 17:47 (000763)

Hi all, I've tried Noppies and they were incredibly painful for me. The Birkenstock shoe that I've found most comfortable are Birkies. They are one of the least expensive models too.

Re: Anyone tried Birkenstock Noppies?

DENISE C. on 6/15/98 at 12:17 (000772)

Check out http://www.birkenstock.com - they list a bunch of stores.