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Heel spur nightmare

Posted by DaNita on 6/11/98 at 20:19 (000748)

I have had shots, splints, night splints, meds,etc nothing helped finally I went the surgery route. Well big mistake after having the first heel spur surgery which part of the heel spur was removed I got worse. The was reccomended to have tarsel tunnel surgery, no relief finally had a stiner stripping no relief. I have reach my limit my feet are miserable and so am I. Can't walk or stand longer than 15 minutes. My feet have ruined my life for the last 4 yrs. Is there any hope of getting better?

Re: Heel spur nightmare

Tony on 6/12/98 at 07:41 (000749)

Da Nita,
after reading about your problems I feel rather well off, I cant stand for longer than 15 minutes either. Unlike you, I have not had surgery, problem is I realy don't know what to do either. I used to spend a lot of time in my workshop; however my feet were killing me so I got an old office chair on wheels and lowered all my equipment to suit. I still can't spend a lot of time in my workshop but it has helped a little. One day I will have to face up to surgery I guess but for now I make myself feel better by reading about others worse of than me, it works to a degree, that and the wheels. Good luck.

Re: Heel spur nightmare

Cindy on 6/12/98 at 14:06 (000754)

DaNita: My heart goes out to you - I can't believe how much you have suffered. I can understand a little, because I have been hurting for 2.5 years, too. I have had one surgery. Some relief, but have another problem now that wasn't addressed by that surgery. I honestly don't know if there is any thing left to do - have you considered trying a pain clinic? I know they are doing some new and exciting things with major drugs to help people in chronic pain. I would rather take those drugs than live like this the rest of my life. In the right hands, I understand that the drugs do not make you dysfunctional. There is a pain clinic in Houston that is doing some of this (Dear Abby had an article about it). I can't remember much, but if you wrote to her, she'd give you the dr's name and info. Good luck!

Re: Heel spur nightmare

duane on 6/14/98 at 12:07 (000761)

im going for the surgery anyway cause it CANT be worse.ive one shot in each foot so far and am currently working on a very soft shoe to patent

Re: Heel spur nightmare

DaNita on 6/14/98 at 18:56 (000765)

I hope your surgery goes well it works for some others it don't I just fell in the wrong group I guess. GOOD LUCK

Re: Heel spur nightmare

Merlyn on 6/15/98 at 22:53 (000778)

You have my sympathy...I am seeing another specialist on Friday. Have you tried a cast? I have tried everything except surgery...some us don't have alot of money to spend on custom orthotics..I have two pair and neither one have done alot except set me back about $450 dollars. Today I limped through the day..its like a tooth ache that never goes away...Hang in there like the rest of us. Always try whatever you can..what may not work for one might help you..miracles happen and I am waiting for one

Re: Heel spur nightmare

Paul on 7/20/98 at 18:15 (001039)

Hi: Have to say the smartest thing I ever did was to go on pain medication, I had this problem 8plus years and still upset that I suffered all those years letting PF take over my life instead of taking something for the pain, still stretch and do all the other stuf f hoping my foot will improve but at least now I,m back to being active again and lovin every minute of it. Luck to ya!