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There have been successful heel spur surgeries too!

Posted by Sherri on 6/12/98 at 10:40 (000750)

my mother had flat feet and had a heel spur form, she was crawling and everything (only now do I understand how much it must've hurt her...) anyhow, she had surgery and it worked wonders. After she recovered from the surgery, no recurrances, no complications. Just had to let it heal from cutting into it, and she's better than new, tho she does watch what shoes she wears now.

So those out here contemplating surgery as your last recourse-- it CAN work out! SO when push comes to shove, have hope.


Re: There have been successful heel spur surgeries too!

duane on 6/14/98 at 12:00 (000760)

thank you --im thinking of the surgery-for plantar facistis-its about $1500.

Re: There have been successful heel spur surgeries too!

Lyn on 6/19/98 at 19:47 (000793)

I had conventional open PF surgery in March this year after suffering for over 2 yrs. I have had wonderful results. I have only a little pain first thing in the morning but I also have fibromyalgia so it could be from that. No heel pain. Surgery was a breeze, no post op pain. Staying quiet and in bed the better part of 3 weeks was the most painful part of the whole thing. Don't be afraid. Do your homework and find a good surgeon, whether an ortho or podiatrist. Most MD orthos have little or no surgery during residency on feet. Something to think about.