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Brainstorming: Exercise ideas for PF and HSpur sufferers?

Posted by Sherri on 6/14/98 at 00:03 (000758)

I am thinking swiming is good one, lots of exercise and less pressure on foot. ANy other ideas?

Bike riding? Etc?


Re: Brainstorming: Exercise ideas for PF and HSpur sufferers?

Jody on 6/14/98 at 02:36 (000759)

Does anyone know if the 'airwalker' type exercise machines are
counterindicated for PF sufferers? I bought one about a year ago,
never really used it and it's just sitting there... I thought maybe now that I have this curse, I could get some use out of it! Any thoughts on whether it would only make things worse?

Re: Brainstorming: Exercise ideas for PF and HSpur sufferers?

linda on 6/15/98 at 13:23 (000774)

Hi, I just found this site. I had a nasty case of PF last fall, after increasing my running too quickly, plus being overweight. I had to lay off running for 2 months, during which I ballooned by another 10 pounds, so I had to find some other pretty intense excercise (walking just doesn't cut it for me). I found a 'spinning' class (aka indoor studio cycling) and began doing that twice a week. Supposedly, you can burn 500 to 800 calories in a 45-minute session--I believe it since I usually have a small puddle of sweat around me when we're done!
After one month I was able to run three miles again, and after two months the pain almost completely disappeared (I still have occasional pain after standing all day). Now I'm running up to six miles and I've lost 35 pounds since December. I still keep up the spinning class twice a week--I consider it crosstraining, plus I also do weights twice a week. Good luck to you!

Re: Brainstorming: Exercise ideas for PF and HSpur sufferers?

EILEEN on 6/15/98 at 14:39 (000775)

hi, I have had pf for 2 plus years, surgery epf 10 months ago, I have a nordic trac air walker that I still cannot use due to the stress it puts on my back leg muscles which stress the plantar fascia under the feet. I still stretch twice a day so its not that I am normally that tight. I do continue to have pain with long mall walk, but can do most daily errands without discomfort. I still have not found an exerscie I can do pain free. A few minutes on a regular bike causes the same kind of tightness I experiencee with the air walker. every one is different, try it for a few minutes and try to build up some time and you will know very soon if it bothers you. If you feel increases tightness or pain I would quit immediately. good luck

Re: Brainstorming: Exercise ideas for PF and HSpur sufferers?

Jane on 6/18/98 at 16:43 (000789)

My podiatrist said swimming is ok, but not water aerobics. Also gave the go-ahead for bicycling.