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Any strictly Birk stores in the Chicago area, outlets?

Posted by Barb on 6/15/98 at 08:11 (000769)

If what everyone is saying works and the Birks are a large part of the answer, can anyone tell me where a strictly Birk shoe store is? I have the Birk catalog from a store, but you can't order direct. I'm not sure a salesman wants to order in a bunch of shoes he doesn't normally carry for me to see which one I like or fits the best for an additional pair. What about Gurnee Mills outlet, or the Kenosha, Wis. outlet? Anyone there sell the Birks for a little less? I did leave the house finally yesterday in my Birks only to go to the movie and they seemed ok. Also, has anyone have the Birk inserts for other shoes? Which insert? I checked a store yesterday for the Spenco inserts and which is the best of those--3/4 Arch Cushion or 3/4 Arch Support? We can't plan our trip to Australia until I can walk

Re: Any strictly Birk stores in the Chicago area, outlets?

Lisa Chakan on 6/21/98 at 13:33 (000802)

Hi, there! Although I'm not from the Chicago area, I do know that
Nordstroms sells Birks. If you are not satisfied with their selection,
at least you'll be able to figure out what size you are. Keep
track of your 'Birk' size and try this site:


Birks work for me - my only problem is that there are times when I'd
rather wear something less casual. My wardrobe has started to revolve
around my Birks and I'm beginning to look a wee-bit flower childlike.
Ah, well...at least my feet don't hurt as much.