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Do the Imitation Birks work as well?

Posted by DENISE C. on 6/15/98 at 12:23 (000773)

What about the imitation Birks - the ones that copy the foot bed style. Has anyone tried them?

Re: Do the Imitation Birks work as well?

Diane R. on 6/15/98 at 22:13 (000777)

I have tried several 'imitation' birks on my feet especially when I've seen them on SALE TABLES - but the ones I tried were NOT birks and I did not buy them. The looked somewhat like birks them on the bottoms and sometimes the strap area, but the footbed was not the same. Might be some out there that are closer to birk footbeds, but I just haven't seen them. I know the feel of a birk as I have worn them exclusively for over a year ... and am just recently wearing other shoes on some occasions. After just 3 mths of wearing birks (Arizona style) 100% of the time, it is possible to be pain free. It happened to me and has worked for others too. I firmly believe getting to pain free was well worth the 3 month effort (and now I choose to continue to wear them) and the cost of a pair of birk Arizonas ($90)