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Posted by D. KATHARY on 6/16/98 at 09:31 (000780)



Karen Falls on 6/17/98 at 07:25 (000785)

I have had severe plantar fasciatis for over 10 months now. My treatment has included cortisone shots, anti-inflammatory drugs and even a cast for 6 weeks. They now want to operate on my foot which I am trying to avoid. Any great suggestions?


LindaG on 6/17/98 at 13:05 (000786)

Hi Karen - I've got it in both feet. I haven't done the cast but just about everything else. I doctor mentioned surgery and I told him that's not for me at this time. He then sent me to physical therapy and I was taught some really good stretches for the calves, some foot exercises like picking up dry pinto beans with my toes and laying out a towel and pulling it toward me using my toes. Also doing the alphabet with my feet from the ankles. The anti-inflammatory I'm taking is Lodine XL 500 mg. I've been laid up for two years and this is the best I've felt. Physical therapy really gave me some hope. I do the stretches in bed everytime I get out to go to the bathroom at night.


DENISE C. on 6/18/98 at 14:53 (000788)

There is a great lunge you can do - I found a website that pictures the stance - http://www.vytra.com/fitness/pic01.htm . However, the website says to stretch by raising the foot, I usually stretch it by lowering the bent front knee towards the wall. This stretches the plantar fascia - but be careful because it stretches the achilles too, and you don't want to stretch that too far. I do this in the shower every morning, it's the only thing that helps me to walk.

Also, my PT said to stand on a step, balls of the feet on the edge of the step, heels hanging down. Raise and lower to stretch fascia. You can also roll a bottle or can under the arch, and also there are towel stretches (put a towel on the floor, put your foot on top of it, and bunch the towel up under your arch using only your toes.)

The lunge works best for me. Good Luck.