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Has anyone gone to a Reflexoloist???

Posted by becky mcilvaine on 6/16/98 at 10:29 (000781)

I have all the sympthoms of plantar fassiitis and was wondering if anyone has been to a Reflexoloist for treatment and what the results were. A PT friend said I should fill a soda bottle up and freeze it,then roll it under my feet while sitting for 5 minutes several times a day. It's wonderful

Re: Has anyone gone to a Reflexoloist???

Lyn on 6/19/98 at 19:42 (000792)

I have had my massage therapist work on my feet. She cured the right foot, but I did end up having surgery on the left, which went very well. I would recommend trying it.

Re: Has anyone gone to a Reflexoloist???

Randy on 7/04/98 at 01:09 (000914)

I have had a few reflexology sessions. They do provide pain relief. After each session I feel great, but it is only a matter of a day or two before I am hurting again.