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Metatarsalgia & P.F.

Posted by Sue on 6/21/98 at 11:25 (000799)

I have been diagnosed with metatarsalgia (which is, as I understand it, an inflammation of the metatarsal joints when pressure is applied to the ball of the foot such as walking on hard surfaces). This is primarily in the left foot. I also have p.f. in both feet.
My doctor has prescribed custom orthotics to take the pressure off the ball of the foot but I find it is still painful to walk after a short period of time. I bought the Birkenstocks suggested on this board to help the P. F., which they do, but the ball of foot pressure is still there. I was just wondering if anyone else has metatarsalgia, if so, how do you handle it?

Re: Metatarsalgia & P.F.

Annette on 6/21/98 at 19:20 (000803)

I have metatarsalgia and PF both. hard orthotics do NOT help metatarsalgia! Try a Spenco half sole or some other padding under the metatarsals. You may still have pain but Padding may help.

Re: Metatarsalgia & P.F.

Kelly on 7/28/98 at 17:28 (001102)

I have metatarsalgia and pf in the same foot. Shoes with a WIDE toe box have really helped me with the toe pain. I thought I was wearing wide enough shoes but when I took the insole out and stood on it, my foot went over the edges! I had to get SAS 'time out' style in a men's size to get it wide enough. The best shoes for me now are Birkenstocks...they are plenty wide for sore toes and they also have the toes ridges. Try the Birkenstock Arizona sandle.