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Insert For Shoes

Posted by Shaira on 6/22/98 at 11:31 (000810)

On the previous page of postings there was a message to try this insert for flat feet. It's at http://www.flatfoot.com . So I paid my money(about $30) and I've been trying it for several months now and I wanted to recommend it. They have an 800#...it's 1-888-FLT-FOOT. Basically it's a green flexible polyurethane insert that covers the entire bottom of the foot. You would take out your regular shoes inserts and put these in.

I like these better than the Spenco Arch Supports that I previously used. It's for people with flat feet (like yours truly).

Re: Insert For Shoes: for flat feet only?

Kristen on 6/22/98 at 13:05 (000811)

I went to the site, it seems as though these might be good for anyone
who needs arch support. Is it a bad idea to use these if you don't have flat feet, but do have PF?

Re: Insert For Shoes: for flat feet only?

Shaira on 6/23/98 at 11:48 (000825)

I just called the company (1-888-FLT-FOOT) to ask them about your question. The person who answered (male) told me that a person may not have typical flat feet. The foot may appear 'normal', but that there is a probable weakening of the arches which also weakens the fascia and that these would be good for all people with pf. I hope I'm explaining it right. Anyways he said it would be good for people with pf.

He also said that they're aware of this site and that many people call them that check in to this site.