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Has anyone here had EPF? I have questions about it.

Posted by Melissa on 6/22/98 at 15:05 (000814)

Has anyone here had endoscopic plantar fasciotomy? I'm scheduled for it on July 6 in my left foot. I'm fortunate enough to not have PF in my right foot.

If you have had EPF, how sore were you after surgery? How long was it until you were able to walk around pretty much as much as you wanted? The podiatrist said that it takes 2-4 weeks to recover. Is that about right?

Thank you for sharing your experiences!

Re: Has anyone here had EPF? I have questions about it.

Diane R. on 6/22/98 at 16:35 (000815)

Melissa - Sorry to hear you are obviously in so much pain that you have scheduled surgery. Have you tried wearing Birkenstocks (Arizona style) for 100% for 3 mths? I was almost ready (bad PF for 4 years in both feet, but not scheduled yet) to have surgery when I heard about the Birks and now am pain free.

I started out with a commitment to myself that I would wear them full time for 3 mths and if that did not get me to a point where I felt much better I was going for surgery... I was almost pain free in August of last year after starting to wear them in May. I then started glucosamine and calcium/magnesium supplements which I also heard about on this site and got rid of the last little pain. I think you could achieve this too, if you haven't yet tried the birks??

I felt mysel identifying with your pain, and the main reason I responded to your post was that you seem to have some questions regarding this surgery (concerns about pain after surgery,etc.). Many people have posted in the past year to this PF site regarding this endoscopic surgery and also traditional surgery. You should read every single post (in the surgery message area) and all the past and present posts you can access on this site. People have some real scary experiences and I have yet to read where someone is pain free after surgery - some are a lot worse.... and 2-4 weeks of pain would seem very short compared to some who tell of years of pain following surgery. Again, it is strictly your feet and your decision but when you asked if anyone has had EPF surgery, it seemed possible you haven't read all these past posts yet - and it is such a big irreversable step.

Good luck to you whatever you finally decide and if you'd like more info on the birks just e-mail me direct. Diane R.

Re: Has anyone here had EPF? I have questions about it.

Melissa on 6/22/98 at 17:52 (000818)

Thank you for your response. I'm not having doubts about the surgery. If I don't have the surgery now, and have to have it during the school year, my career will be ruined since I had ankle surgery last September. I am going into my fifth year of teaching, and I cannot afford to give up my job or change careers at this point. I really love teaching! I either have to have surgery now, or teach all year in pain. My podiatrist says he has a 90% success rate with this procedure. I've been through stretching, heel cushions, ice, night splint (unbearable pain trying to wear that torture device), and three cortisone shots. I haven't worn Birks, but I did try them on one time and found them extremely uncomfortable. I'm also not allowed to wear them to work. I can't use arch supports because they are also painful.

I read nearly all the previous posts about EPF. I found quite a few success stories. It sounds like I stand a decent chance of being fully functional by the time school starts in August if I rest during the weeks after surgery. I had very little pain after my ankle surgery last fall (until I started to try to walk on it), so I wanted to know if that is what I can expect with this surgery.

Re: Has anyone here had EPF? I have questions about it.

Cindy on 6/22/98 at 22:58 (000823)

Hi, I had the EPF in Jan 98, right foot only ( I have pf on both feet). My recovery was slower than average; by this I mean that I had a lot of pain when I put any weight on my foot, so I used crutches for many weeks (like at least 6). Then, I wore a big boot instead of a shoe for another 4 or so weeks. So, it was 2.5 months before I was walking pretty well in Nikes again. I put my orthotic in the boot, and walked in that because my foot was still so sore, but the boot keeps it from bending. I did the stretching religiously, 5 times daily. I should add that I started swimming after 3 weeks from the surgery date, and overstretched the healing fascia, which set me way back in healing. I thought I was supposed to reeally swim, later dr said he meant paddle around, not go crazy. I think the surgery was very successful, now; I have no more heel pain at all. My case is complicated by the fact that I have tarsal tunnel (entrapped nerve) and that's very painful, so I didn't get cured. But, the pf is gone, I think; so I feel I would be totally cured if I didn't have another problem. Please e-mail me and I will tell you more, if interested. Best of luck

Re: Has anyone here had EPF? I have questions about it.

eileen on 6/24/98 at 08:25 (000831)

Hi Melissa,
I am almost 11 months post EPF on my left foot, and also have it mildly on my right. My orthopedic surgeon was great, I had no complications but a slow recovery which drove me crazy.I did not get complete relief from the surgery. I continue to have mild pain at the inside heel if I do any extended walking or exersicing. It still is better than pre surgery. I am able to do all my regular day to day activities 95% pain free, or only a twinge if I push it slightly. I still think I am better than before surgery although a change in my lifestyle helped as much as the surgery I feel. I changed jobs from being a nurse spending the days on my feet 95% to working at a computer sitting. I still cannot walk more than a mile or so without mild pain, but it does subside. I finally found a pain of birks that I can wear without pain after buying and returning 2 other pair so I now have an alternative to athletic sneakers with orthotic which have been the only thing I have been able to wear pain free for 2 yrs. I am not planning to have surgery on the right since the pain has subsided with the change in lifestyle. Good luck with the surgery, if you would like more info you can e-mail directly also. eileen