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Do I have Plantar Faciitis?

Posted by Mike Laurer on 6/23/98 at 17:26 (000826)

I jumped about eight feet into a river bed and jarred my body quite badly. Next day heel pain was terrible after resting and especially in morning after waking. I'm talking SEVERE pain. Have to hop around. Does get better as day goes on. Been living with it for 4 years. Tired of pain everytime I walk, run or play sports. Any advice will be appreciated. Has gotten no better with time. Thanks

Re: Do I have Plantar Fasciitis?

Melissa on 6/23/98 at 18:38 (000828)


Have you seen an orthopedic doctor or a podiatrist? I'm have PF, and I'm not a doctor, but I do know that pain in your heel when you first get up in the morning is one of the classic symptoms of PF. You could start trying to help yourself with this by stretching your foot before you get out of bed. Point your toes up toward your face at least ten times. You could also try resting your foot on a baggie of ice after you've been on your feet. Definitely try to see a doctor for this because there are other things they can do, like orthotics and night splints.

Good luck!


Re: Do I have Plantar Fasciitis?

becky on 7/12/98 at 17:13 (000972)

i have had this for about 9 months now. i am now trying Clear Away Plantar, wart remover stystem. Do you know if this works. When i put the pat on it feels better to walk but i just want the wart to go away. if possiable emiail me and tell me what it looks like so i know know if I have a Plantar Fasciitis. Mine looks like a wart like thing on the heal of my foot. It hurts to put pressure in it. I caught this right afer i gave birth to my baby. please reply