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PF ruptures

Posted by jeanine on 6/24/98 at 19:03 (000835)

Has anyone had a pf rupture? I have had pf fo 2 years.Several injections later my PF ruptured. Treatment was in a cast 4 weeks.Dr.said it would take 6 mo to completely heal.9mo came and went with same amount of pain. MRI said it was ruptured again.I'm totaly frustrated
! Following dr. orders and still no improvement.Has anyone
else had a rupture?I'm really feeling like i'm in a catch 22. Need to
keep working out for weight control,but it irritates my foot, and then
my patience.

Re: PF ruptures

Cindy on 6/26/98 at 13:00 (000850)

Can you believe that one of the podiatrists I saw told me not to worry about the cortisone injs. rupturing the fascia, because a rupture would cure the PF problem
What an idiot! Obviously, your problem is not cured. There have been several folks over the past 10 months or so that have talked about ruptured fascias - check back over the old messages, and also the surgery board, and maybe you can find them. I remember that they were also having a terrible time. Here's to better times and health!