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What are the pros and cons of cortisone shots???

Posted by Eric on 6/25/98 at 15:02 (000840)

I have had PF for almost 10 years. After trying all the conservative treatments, I had EPF surgery in January of this year. I can't believe the hell I've been through since then. I'm still in an incredible amount of pain and every time I go back to the surgeon, he just puts me on a different anti-infammatory. I can't seem to get him to tell me what is causing so much pain. The entire heel is still very tender and at the site of the surgery it feels like I'm stepping on a sharp stone with every step I take. UNBEARABLE
! At my recent visit this week, The surgeon wanted to give me a cortisone shot and after questioning him on the success of it, he told me that the shot may make it better or make it a lot worse. Needless to say that after what I've been through i opted not to go ahead with it. He also said that there was a risk of infection with the shot and if that happened, I would have to have surgery again. NO WAY

After all this rambling, I would just like to kmow if anyone else has had anything like this after surgery and also if anyone can tell me of their experience with cortisone shots?
Thanks a million!

Re: What are the pros and cons of cortisone shots???

Melissa on 6/25/98 at 18:19 (000843)


I've had three cortisone shots in my left foot for PF lately. After the first one, I had total relief for five days. The inflammation went down, and I thought I was cured. Unfortunately, the pain came back. Shot #2 and #3 gave me no relief at all. My mother's PF was cured in one foot with one cortisone shot, and her other foot was cured with two cortisone shots. I understand that one of the risks of cortisone shots is rupture of the plantar fascia. I've never heard of infection risk with a cortisone shot. They rub your foot with alcohol before they stick you. If you get the shots make sure they use freeze spray to numb the area first. Even with that, the shot is quite painful.

I hope you feel better soon!

Re: What are the pros and cons of cortisone shots???

Cindy on 6/26/98 at 12:55 (000848)

Eric: I had the EPF in Jan, too, on one foot. I had a long recovery time (3 months or so) where I still used crutches or the walking boot. But, after that, I have been fine. I have no heel pain, and the insertion cite of the cannula is a little tender to pressure, but not when I walk. Your continued problems this long after the surgery don't seem right to me.

I think you did the right thing by not getting the cortisone from the surgeon. I would recommend that you get a second opinion as to what's going on with your foot before doing anything else invasive.

I have tarsal tunnel, so did just have a cortisone injection into the area where the nerves are entrapped. The dr. spent around 45 minutes numbing my foot first, and I felt no pain with the shot. This is in sharp contrast to the other 4 cortisone injections I've had prior to the surgery (they were into the fascia area, not the nerves). Those drs. just sprayed the numbing agent, and stuck the needle in . I would hereafter insist that the dr. who's giving me a shot take the time and effort to numb the foot first.

As for whether the cortisone will help, you probably had several shots prior to surgery, so know if you react well to them. The 4 I had in each foot prior to surgery didn't help at all. I am hoping that the most recent one will, but have no great expectations.

If you are in the Houston area, I recommend my dr. He is an expert in the EPF (invented the instruments and pioneered the procedure). If you are interested, e-mail me and I'll give you his info. Best of luck

Re: What are the pros and cons of cortisone shots???

Marian on 6/26/98 at 23:32 (000861)

I am sitting here with a sore foot tonight because my podiatrist gave me a cortisone injection tonight. I have a needle phobia and it was very traumatic for me. My dr used the freeze spray stuff and then a really LONG painful shot to numb my foot for the cortisone injection. the dr said my foot would be numb tonight, but it hurts! It was numb for the coritsone injection though... I just don't want to go through this again. My twelve year old son had to hold my hand and I about cut off his circulation, that numbing shot hurt so bad... I told my dr that the shot BETTER do some good, I certainly don't want to go through this again for nothing! I have had PF for only a month and a half and have been wearing Spenco inserts and my nikes (even to church) and taking an anti inflamatory drug for 2 weeks now... My dr says if the shot doesn't work, he'll start me on physical therapy. I may lie even if the shot improves my heel, I don't want to go through that again

Re: What are the pros and cons of cortisone shots???

Rita on 6/27/98 at 13:24 (000864)

I never got the shots, but my podiatrist told me he gives two shots, never into the bottom of the foot, but on the side. One on top of the PF, and one on the bottom of it.

Re: What are the pros and cons of cortisone shots???

PAUL on 6/27/98 at 15:56 (000866)

HI: Your story sounds like you could be talking about me I,ve been through it all, I,ve had people on this message board cautioning me about taking pain medication, but at least I'm back to doing stuff again
I have suffered for years also taking over the counter stuff ibuprfin
ect, with no help I,m takin a prescription pain medicine now which has really helped and I have no regrets about doing it, wish I would of started years ago. Got to be something out their compatable for you. why suffer neddlessly.
good luck

Re: What are the pros and cons of cortisone shots???

roz on 6/29/98 at 12:37 (000874)


What kind of pain medication that finally worked for you.


Re: What are the pros and cons of cortisone shots???

Paul on 6/29/98 at 19:03 (000875)

Hi: The stuff i,m taking is called synalgos calls for 1 capsule every 8 hrs I usually take one to two a day, you can find info on it, just type synalgos on web search and something should come up.

Re: What are the pros and cons of cortisone shots???

paul on 6/29/98 at 19:15 (000876)

HI: think I did something wrong on my follow up to you so here it is again. I,m taking SYNALGOS, calls for one every 8 hrs I usually take one to two a day it has helped me considerably and was prescribed to me by a neurologist, if you want to find out about it just type synalgos on a search and something should come up, If it is addictive I sure have'nt had any indication I have intentionally not taken it to see if I any kind of reaction and noticed nothing. bottle sez SYNALGOS DC capsule. Good luck whatever you decide, I,d be curious to know if you do decide to try it if it works for you? cause the doctor tried other stuff that did,nt work before we went to synalgos.

Re: What are the pros and cons of cortisone shots???

Cindy on 6/29/98 at 21:39 (000881)

Yeah, what is the pain med that finally worked for you? I am thinking of going to a pain clinic - I surfed all the info under pain+management on numerous of the search engines and found out a lot about chronic pain management.

Re: What are the pros and cons of cortisone shots???

roz on 6/30/98 at 13:02 (000887)

Hi Paul,

Thanks. I have tried so many anti-inflammatories, not one worked
and they are hurt my stomach. I'll try to get a doctor to prescribe
it and I'll let you know how it goes.


Re: What are the pros and cons of cortisone shots???

Jeanne on 7/18/98 at 21:58 (001025)

When Cortisone was first suggested (6 months on crutches), I was hesitant, but desperate. So, I started with my most acute foot, and the shot hurt like hell, as you would imagine forcing fluids into an inflamed area would be. I iced and elevated for one day thereafter, because the shot made my foot hot and painful. It took at least two weeks before I suddenly realized there was some relief there. So, I went and had my other foot done.
I was somewhat hopeful, but then had a recurrence. This time I thought I would go directly and get the cortisone shot, but my doctor said she didn't want to administer another shot, because repeated cortisone shots weaken and destroy the ligaments... so...
I have an appointment with a surgeon. I'm not heartened by the concept, but 10 months of crutches and a wheelchair, I'm not sure what to try anymore. I hope that cortisone works for you.

Re: What are the pros and cons of cortisone shots???

John on 9/09/98 at 22:07 (001741)

I recently had 3 cortisone shots in my back and one in my hip. The shots were all one week apart so I'm a little dusmayed by what I hear. One week after the last shot the surgeon took one look at me and oredered micro disectomy back surgery for a disk torn most of the way around and protruding up to 9 mm, I have recovered from the surgery (It's been one month exactly) and my legs don't lose control and the shooting stabbing pains are gone now but my whole body especially my lower/mid back area where I had 3 of the shots is burning all over and something is not right. Even my arms and legs and face are flush and burning all the time now. Pain meds help but not a lot. I'm not sure if this is better or worse than I was before and wonder if this will ever alleviate