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Inserts for open sandals

Posted by Mary B. on 6/25/98 at 15:09 (000841)

Does anyone know of an arch support insert which can be used for open sandals? I need something to put in a Teva-type sandal or water shoe, probably to be glued in. If I find a good one, I'd like to put it in dressier sandals too. None of the commercially available inserts are suitable, even if I cut them down, especially if they were to get wet. Right now I have no option but to wear my sandals plain or go barefoot at the beach, which is hell on my feet. I wear full birkenstock orthotics in all my regular shoes and sneakers and don't want to risk aggravating my pf anymore than absolutely necessary.

Re: Inserts for open sandals

Marie on 6/25/98 at 21:40 (000845)

Mary, I use the spenco 3/4 lenght soft inserts for my sandles, I have gotten them wet several times and haven't had a problem. Just lay them out in sun to dry.

Re: Inserts for open sandals

Mary B. on 7/01/98 at 13:02 (000896)

Thanks for the tip! I'll try it.