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Just got a walking cast--any tips or advice?

Posted by Gina on 6/25/98 at 16:12 (000842)

After more than a year of the 'usual,' injections, NSAIDS, taping, orthotics, night splint, ultrasound, birks,iontophoresis, icing, stretching, etc., went to a new orthopedic guy today and he put me in a nonremovable walking cast for 4 weeks. Not the most comfortable thing in the world, but it is a nice neon-yellow! Any tips or advice on how to get through the next four weeks? or experiences to share?? Thanks in advance.

Re: Just got a walking cast--any tips or advice?

Melissa on 6/25/98 at 18:24 (000844)

Hopefully they gave you a shoe with a rocker bottom. If they did, let the shoe do the work. After a little practice, you will be walking almost as well as you did before the cast. Your ankle will be quite stiff when you get out of the cast. Get physical therapy if you have trouble walking after you get out of your cast. I've had a walking cast twice, and both times I had to re-learn how to walk after the cast was removed, and both times I required physical therapy and electrical stimulation (for ankle pain after cast).

Best of luck!

Re: Just got a walking cast--any tips or advice?

Karen Trail on 6/26/98 at 12:26 (000847)

I have a question for you after wearing this cast did it get rid of the PF. I have had 5 cortisone shots over a period of 6 months and at first it went away but came back. Am waiting for my orthotics. Did you have Orthotics and did they help you? Thanks Karen

Re: Just got a walking cast--any tips or advice?

Melissa on 6/26/98 at 15:43 (000853)


I had a walking cast for reasons other than PF. I broke my fibula (outer bone of ankle) in '92 and had surgery last September to repair ligaments that went undiagnosed when I broke my ankle. I was in the walking cast for four weeks the first time and three weeks after my surgery. I had so much difficulty walking after both times I was in the walking cast that I would not consider it for PF. The physical therapy after the walking cast was incredibly painful.

I did not try orthotics. In a pamphlet about PF that my podiatrist gave me, it said that orthotics are only tried if taping works. Pictures of taped feet are shown on this website. The taping was tried twice and failed both times.

Do not have any more cortisone shots. My podiatrist told me three in six months are the absolute limit. I had three cortisone shots. My last was two weeks ago and did nothing for the pain.

Since none of these things have worked, I'm scheduled for EPF on July 6. My podiatrist told me that I have a 90% chance of that getting rid of my PF. I hope to be part of that 90% who he says have success with this procedure!

I hope your orthotics bring you relief!

Re: Just got a walking cast--any tips or advice?

Karen Trail on 6/26/98 at 18:19 (000858)

Thanks for tips and comments. Good luck with your surgery.


Re: Just got a walking cast--any tips or advice?

Marti on 6/28/98 at 12:25 (000869)

Best of Luck. I had to be in a walking cast for 4 weeks due a break. Then they took the cast off too soon and I ended up in another cast for another 6 weeks. Mine was in the winter, but the itching was what got to me. Taking a shower was a real trip too
Went through lots of saran wrap. I found that a washcloth stuffed around the top of the cast helped keep any water out that managed to get through the wrap and tape. I have heard horro stories about people who get the inside of the cast wet.

After you get out of the cast, physical therpay should be automatic. I had to go through 6 weeks of it. First it was whirlpool baths 3x per week with ultrasound treatments, then it was was exercise. Had to learn how to walk all over again as if I wasn't having enough trouble as I was in the 2nd trimester of pregnancy by the time I finally got out of the cast. Luckily, I have a great husband and my other kids were 16, 14 & 10 at the time.

Best of luck.