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What are some good shoes & how much are they? A list

Posted by Shaira on 6/26/98 at 13:09 (000852)

Just bought some Ecco Shoes. They have a built in orthotic and cost over $200. They're really great, feel great and worth the price.

Also bought Timberland shoes and they have a lot of padding in the heel and seem to be comfortable as well. I put in my shoe inserts because I didn't like theirs (their inserts aren't as good as the Eccos). They cost about $160.

Re: What are some good shoes & how much are they? A list

Cindy on 6/26/98 at 16:46 (000855)

This was a timely message for me today, because I am sick of wearing Nikes with all my clothes - I look like a slob
I too bought some Eccos around Christmas, but they were only $125, and didn't have any built in orthotic. I wore them for around 2 hours and my feet were severely flared up for 5 days or so. I am searching for a shoe that looks half-way nice, not like a running shoe, that comes in black and beige or brown, so I can have some choices! Where did you find the Timberland shoe? And, what is the style name or # of the Ecco, if you can find that?? This would help a lot. I have a closet full of great new shoes that I can't wear. Thanks

Re: What are some good shoes & how much are they? A list

Mary B. on 7/01/98 at 13:11 (000897)

Other good shoes are: BeautiFeel for dress shoes, they look really nice and have plenty of room for an insert; Munro Sport, I have a winter/wet shoe with room for socks and and insert; Mephisto, their sandals have a built-in arch support; Wolky, wide toe area with room for an insert. I get these at my local 'walking' shoe stores.