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Mephisto shoes

Posted by Maha on 6/28/98 at 18:04 (000870)

After reading about Mephisto shoes on this site, I found some really nice looking ones for $99 in Brown and Black at the Nordstrom Rack (outlet) store near my house. Just thought I would let you all know. They also had Birks (Arizona) for $49 in a lot of sizes.

Re: Mephisto shoes

Diane F. on 6/29/98 at 20:40 (000878)

Where is this outlet... in what state? Kind of hope it is in my neck of the woods.. would love to go on a shopping spree in that store. If there are any around me would go for sure. I live in Ma.

Re: Mephisto shoes

Barbara on 6/29/98 at 22:37 (000883)

Me too! (the shopping spree, that is!) Only I live in Wisconsin on
the Minnesota border. Am I close???

Re: Mephisto shoes

Maha on 6/30/98 at 20:25 (000888)

I got them at Potomac Mills mall in Northern Virginia. But I'm
assuming wherever there is a Nordstrom Rack they'd have them.
I've only had them a few days and they are WELL WORTH the money.
Additionally, the second best pair I've owned isn't Birks but Dansko clogs. I got them from a mail order place someone in the group suggested in Boston. I'll try to dig up the name. They were $85 and no tax added. At some of the local stores in D.C., they were charging over $100!

Re: Mephisto shoes

shoe on 1/31/99 at 22:24 (004261)

call Mephisto shoes in seattle ..An ALL mephisto store.206-622-3772.Great selection and nice people...