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what to avoid doing with PF??

Posted by becky mcilvaine on 6/29/98 at 09:56 (000871)

I suspect I have PF. Haven't been to a doctor and if I do go I'll be well informed by this site! I think I got pf from climbing my hill to the barn 2 times a day. Will hills and stairs cause a fare up? What else?Thanks!

Re: what to avoid doing with PF??

Phil on 6/29/98 at 12:12 (000873)

Avoid engaging in unprotected sex in the 'on top' position. This will place too much stress on your heels.


Re: what to avoid doing with PF?? Just for "Phil"

An observer on 6/29/98 at 20:22 (000877)

You obviously have never experienced a painful moment, Phil, and have not a sympathetic bone ... oh and ... may the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits.

Re: what to avoid doing with PF??

Cindy on 6/29/98 at 21:31 (000879)

Yes, hills can be a contributing factor in PF - you want to avoid going barefoot at all costs - get onto the ice and Advil or Motrin, if you can tolerate it. Most of all, don't mess around with this by overdoing it and by ignoring the symptoms hoping they'll go away. It won't happen and you can get into a lot of pain and disability. Oh, yeah - have all the sex you can in any position, as the research shows sex is about the only thing fun left to do when you have PF

Re: what to avoid doing with PF??

Merlyn on 7/04/98 at 08:34 (000916)

I discovered that climbing up and down a ladder over a length of time caused severe flare up