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Re: Here is the # of the Ecco Shoes I bought

Posted by Shaira on 6/29/98 at 10:40 (000872)

Cindy, here is the # of the Ecco's I bought #81514248. They're black oxford types and I think they're on the http://www.ecco.com site under the men's shoes.

Also, over the wknd. a friend informed me that we actually have a Timberland store here, I guess they're under Timberland in the SF Yellow Pages.

Re: Here is the # of the Ecco Shoes I bought

Cindy on 6/29/98 at 21:36 (000880)

Thanks for the info on the Eccos and Timberlands - which state are you in? I will check out the eccos web page immediately
I went to a pedorthist (foot and shoe specialist guy) on Saturday, and I could not get into any of the shoes he had that were at all attractive becasue of the height of my orthotic on the right (its built up by about 1/2 inch), but he said he could cut the soles open, insert the needed lift, and put the shoes back together so it hardly shows
So, I might try that - the shoes were comfy, but my heel wouldn't stay in them
The shoes were the Extra Depth brand. Suede with a t-strap and pretty cute. I ended up with Soft Spots, which feel good, but are still the lace-ups and look only a little better than Nikes

Re: Here is the address for the website

Diane F. on 1/08/99 at 00:00 (003146)


Here is the website, it is at

Hope this helps, I found Tony very helpful and he help me to get the right size inserts,I would have bought the wrong ones. I just love them! Will be getting another pair as soon as I have enough money, would have done it already but my car wanted some things for christmas too hehe. Good luck :).