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Anyone been to a pain clinic or pain specialist??

Posted by Cindy on 6/29/98 at 21:43 (000882)

I searched numerous search engines over the weekend for pain management, and got lots of good info on chronic pain and its management. Its not just narcotics, but lots of other stuff to offer. I think I'll try a pain specialist or clinic, I have nothing to lose. Anyone already been there and done that ??

Re: Anyone been to a pain clinic or pain specialist??

Mary B. on 7/01/98 at 13:17 (000898)

Someone I know had foot surgery for a tumor and she went to an acupuncturist weekly for pain and swelling. She says it helped her tremendously.

Re: Anyone been to a pain clinic or pain specialist??

Cindy on 7/02/98 at 17:18 (000906)

Thanks for the message; but, I already tried that for almost a year (went 2-3 times a week for months on end), that didn't help me much. I'm hoping to hear from people who went to an actual pain clinic or pain specialist. Well, doesn't look like anyone has, so I guess I'll just give it a try

Re: Anyone been to a pain clinic or pain specialist??

Paul on 7/06/98 at 15:41 (000928)

Hi, been gone for awhile I went to a pain clinic. The first thing they did was have me talk to 3 doctor a psychologist, a neurologist and not sure what the other person was I think her job was to try to sell me on the idea of taking six weeks off work and going to their physical theraphy, any how the first they did was to see if I was nuts
The neurolists thouhgt he could block the pain with shots to nerves in the back because my PF foot was cold compared to my other foot and he said my body was reacting to the pain which was compounding my problem, I went through a series of shots to the nerves in my back on two different ocassions. They did,nt work so first he prescribed neurotin which was,nt normally for pain but has sometimes helped people, the only thing it did for me was help me sleep better which was somewhat of relief because I never slept well because of the pain,
when the neurontin did,t work he put me on snyalgos which has really helped with the pain Its not 100% but helps enough that I,m back to being my oldself again. I did,t ask but I suspect that he would kept trying different pain medications until he found one that worked. there have actually been times when I felt no pain at all but most the time I still know its there just not as severe.

Re: Anyone been to a pain clinic or pain specialist??

Sonnie on 7/06/98 at 22:36 (000929)

No, but I didn't realize just how exhausting this heel pain could be by the end of a day. After three months of it, my body reacted by breaking out into hives. An inexpensive heel spur cushion solved the problem before, but doesn't seem to help this time.