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Posted by Joseph on 7/01/98 at 20:47 (000901)

I went to a podiatrist after experienceing pain in my heel for over 4 months. He took an xray and showed me what appeared to me to be a fractured bone at the base of my heel bone. He said that was a heel spur, but looking at the picture that is in this web site, it appears much different so I am confused. I one of those people in the high risk area. i am on my feet all day long (retail), and I am also a runner. I have stopped running and now I am gaining weight which probably compunds the problem. Getting back to my doctor for a moment. he said that I would be ok in two weeks. He gave a prescription of 'daypro', and told me about stretching exercises along with heels pads. Gee I hope this all works, but main concern is that the xray and the picture don't match up. Please respond to my email address.....legends96@aol.com...THANKS