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Posted by kirby on 7/01/98 at 23:13 (000902)

I've been wearing Superfeet (www.superfeet.com) for several months with good success. I much prefer them to my custom ($390) orthotics, which kill my feet. If you check around, you can find superfeet for around $20, though most places sell them for $27.
I'm also finding Glucosamine/Condrontine helpful.
I've tried pretty much everything: exercises, avoiding exercises, vitamins, orthotics, stretching, birks, etc. Feel free to email me with questions.

Re: superfeet

Al on 7/08/98 at 20:46 (000941)

I tried the superfeet inserts and liked them at first. Then they seemed to aggrivate my sore spot because the arch support was pressing directly on it. It almost feels like the curve of the arch is a little to far back. Have you ever had this problem? I switched to spenco inserts but they just seem to work so-so.

Re: superfeet

Maha on 7/08/98 at 21:25 (000943)

How freaky! I just had the same problem with the Superfeet. Great for a while then they became painful. I tried something called Ortho-Air in my sneakers and they are fantastic. I got them at Hudson Trail Outfitters and they are like $26.