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Advice needed

Posted by Diane F. on 7/02/98 at 23:26 (000908)

Have been reading about the birks sandals and have bought a pair of arzona.. and have been wearing them for about 2 weeks. Boy! what a different to my feet.. no longer afraid of walking in the house. But would like a little advice in what to wear to work... office work most of the time and on my feet a bit. Out of work right now and a good time to try to find a good pair of shoes or inserts. Would really help to hear from some people with a little advice.

Thanks :)

Re: Advice needed

Barb on 7/03/98 at 06:59 (000909)

I was able to locate the Birk (Arizona) inserts in a dress store in Geneva, Il. The inserts do feel a little different in shoes, but you get use to them in a few minutes. They are 3/4 length so the toe grips are missing, but I can walk as well in them as the Birks and can wear a pair of enclosed shoes when needed. Just remember to remove the linings of the shoes you choose to put the Birk inserts into. The Birk sandals are still my first choice of shoe, but wanted something else to wear to festivals at night walking over fields.

Re: Advice needed

Diane F. on 7/03/98 at 11:51 (000910)

Thanks for the info... just need to find where to buy the inserts. Have been thinking about them but was not sure... will give them a try but will have to find a place that sells them first, not easy to find the sandal, hope this will be not as hard. Wonder about the spenco are too, and if they are good like the birks.. in case I am not able to find the birks or until I find them. Thanks again for the advice :)

Re: Advice needed

Denise C. on 7/07/98 at 11:14 (000932)

Go to http://www.birkenstock.com . They have a catalog, plus they have a store directory.