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planning to have surgery soon

Posted by Robin Odoom on 7/03/98 at 17:15 (000911)

Help. I'm about to have endoscopic pf surgery in a few weeks and would appreciated hearing from others who have undergone this type of surgery for a little moral support and encouragement.

Re: planning to have surgery soon

Cindy on 7/03/98 at 18:13 (000912)

Hi, Robin. I had EPF in January on one foot - the pf seems to be gone (my foot still hurts for other reasons, so its a little hard to tell). I had a long, slow recovery, but it wasn't especially painful. I used crutches for 6 weeks, and then used a boot and one crutch for another month, at least. Then, I could walk on it just fine. Some drs want you walking on it NOW, the day after surgery, but my dr said it didn't matter, and it didn't. Don't try to do too much too soon, I went swimming after 3 weeks, and tore the healing fascia. No good. I was overly eager to exercise. Ask you dr. about lateral column pain syndrome before the surgery - it happens in a certain # of cases after the fascia is cut. Ask how to avoid it and what will be done if you get it (its a pain on the top of the foot, on the outside, caused by the forces of walking being transferred there when the fascia is still weak and not working for you yet). I was to wear the boot for 6 weeks to avoid it - but, it never came up, since I wasn't walking on my foot anyway
Best of luck; I think you will do just fine.

Re: planning to have surgery soon

Denise D. on 7/07/98 at 11:25 (000933)

Go to the main page of this bulletin board (www.heelspurs.com) and there is a link to the surgery page - it's filled with comments from those who've had the surgery. The link is 'Plantar fasciitis (heel spurs) surgery information.'

Re: planning to have surgery soon

Melissa on 7/13/98 at 17:35 (000980)


I just had the EPF surgery last Monday, 7/6. They put me to sleep, and I don't remember anything until I somehow found myself fully dressed in the waiting room of the outpatient surgery center where I had the operation. I saw the doctor/podiatrist/surgeon today, and I'm partially weight-bearing, still using crutches and putting just a little weight on the foot that got the surgery. I was completely non-weight bearing for a week. I've had quite a bit of post op pain, but the doctor has been good about prescribing pain medication. I have one stitch on each side of my heel and just a little bruising in the heel. I get the stitches out next Monday. Time will tell whether this surgery was worth it.

If you have any more questions, please e-mail me. I'm still pretty laid up with my foot, so I have time to answer you and give support. Fortunately I'm a teacher, so I don't have to deal with work right now. Best of luck with your surgery!