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Specific audience here. . .

Posted by sherri on 7/05/98 at 22:31 (000924)

well, recall too that board posters are not normal population samples.
most of the people here that seek other like sufferers will most likely have severe cases of it.

There are some things each person can do to minimize the impact the condition will have on them, but the turth of the matter is that some people jsut get it worse than others, and it doesnt always means a diddly about age, weight, or job. I mean, sometimes young folks get it pretty bad, otehr times someone skinny may have it worse than someon heavyset. But by follwoing the general advice each person can help mimize the awful impact on their lives.

(but, sadly to say, there is still no cure for my typos....)

Re: Specific audience here. . .

lilhurrica on 7/08/98 at 17:33 (000937)

thanks-good insight just started the glucosamine--does anyone know of any side effects or containdications??? i am hopeful--the pain changes so much from day to day and activity to activity--today it was my ankle and arch...did try icing since hmo stopped paying forpt (not that it helped) and how was your day?

Re: Specific audience here. . .

Annette on 7/08/98 at 18:51 (000938)

I have been on glucosamine and chondroitin for about 5 months. I am still slowly improving. I have had absolutley no side effects. I would strongly recommend these to anyone.

Re: Specific audience here. . .

Rita on 7/08/98 at 19:03 (000939)

The only warning I've ever heard was for diabetics. It seems that glucosamine is an ammino sugar and diabetics should check with their Dr. before starting on it.

Re: Specific audience here. . .

lilhurrica on 7/08/98 at 19:12 (000940)

hi everyone..it seems that the glucosamine has good results...I amtaking the relefin but not sure its doing anything. i am confused..people are swearing by the birks but also are saying to avoid the negative heel i thought that birks had a negative heel..and re sand.. is the beach ok barefoot? thanks all and i am greatful for this site.