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Old tired feet but no longer alone

Posted by FullM00N on 7/06/98 at 03:42 (000926)

I am a 46 yr old hairstylist of 28 years and am now paying the toll. After suffering for 3 years I had finally convinced myself that this pain was my own private hell that no one else could understand. Now thanks to my new net connection and finding all of you I feel much better at least above the knees I have been reading for an hour now and just wanted to say thanks to all who have posted here. I am an Amer. Indian and believe me you don't want them cutting into you at a federal hospital unless it is life or death. They just don't have the money for the specialist needed. I'm really glad that I am still able just to work 40 hrs on nothing more than Naproxen. My family tries to be supportive but they still expect dinner and laundry :) and my co-workers smile that look that says 'Thank God it's not me', my friends act like I am playing at pain to get out of mall trips or any other activity that was possible only 3 short years ago. My life has changed and now so must I. With your help I will face this future. Thanks again.