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Advice for a newly diagnosed PF sufferer.

Posted by Laura on 7/06/98 at 23:54 (000930)

Aloha from Volcano, Hawaii. There is pain in paradise. I was just diagnosed on Thursday, and that was the ugliest x-ray I've ever seen. Any advice to a rookie????

Re: Advice for a newly diagnosed PF sufferer.

becky on 7/07/98 at 09:17 (000931)

Read this siteand others to help you get the big picture.I would bet soaking in the ocean has always been a general cure-all. A frozen bag of vegies is a great icepack or asoda bottle filled with water and kept in the freezer makes a great foot massager rolling it back and forth. Keep us posted as to your treatment
Good luck!

Re: Advice for a newly diagnosed PF sufferer.

Susie on 7/09/98 at 19:30 (000952)

I'm a relatively new PF sufferer too but I found the greatest shoes and they've really made walking so much easier. Look for Mephistos (much more attractive than Birks). They're like walking on a cloud. I found mine at The Walking Company at our local mall - I think it's a chain all over the US. They were very expensive but well worth the cost. Lots of styles available - I got sandals (2 pairs) and wear them EVERYWHERE. Good luck - you're not alone.

Re: Advice for a newly diagnosed PF sufferer.

Dave on 7/16/98 at 16:02 (001006)

Whatever you do, STAY OFF YOUR FOOT for a while. This is not a sore arm or nagging hamstring; mess with this and it will be with you a very long time. Trust me. I know. Early work is crucial before it gets any worse. There's no magic solution. Stretch your Achilles tendon regularly, ice the foot, and stay away from pounding exercises like stair climbers and such for a while--I'm talking a few weeks, not days. You'll be glad you did.