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The hunt is on.... sigh...

Posted by Diane F. on 7/09/98 at 10:09 (000948)

Well have begun the hunt for inserts and shoes... sigh...
Feeling very low right now... went to a good shoe store and nothing.. nothing was good for me and landed up with feet that were hurting bad just from trying on stuff. Have sent for the birk catalog and await it with hope. Have a pair of birk sandals and a pair of day hiking boots that are pretty good, but need some decent shoes or inserts for my work shoes... so when I get work will not suffer in pain again. Bad enough am out of work but when I get it I am in super pain...a mess either way. Trying to keep a postive outlook but is it getting hard and want to cry and give up many a time but will keep treking... hopefully with decent feet . Thanks for letting me vent here... helps me to keep going on. :)

Re: The hunt is on.... sigh...

Cindy on 7/09/98 at 12:28 (000949)

Diane: You didn't say what kind of work you do - but, do you HAVE to wear dress shoes, or couldn't you get by with running shoes or a lace up oxford style? Soft Spots by Comfort is a good type of lace up oxford - not very pretty - what we called 'old lady shoes' when we were kids, but comfy. If your employer won't allow comfortable shoes, ask your dr. to write a letter explaining the need. There is a law that requires employers to make 'reasonable accomadation' for disabilities, and your condition qualifies
Good luck.

Re: The hunt is on.... sigh...

Susie on 7/09/98 at 19:18 (000950)

I know just what you mean - finding a comfortable pair of shoes can be so frustrating with this stupid heel spur. I was struggling every day to find something comfortable to wear so I could walk somewhat normally and getting more and more depressed about it. Finally went to The Walking Company at the local mall. Don't know where you live but they seem to be all over the US - a chain, I think. Anyway, they carry Mephistos (as well as Birks). I tried on a couple of pair and was hooked. It's like walking on a cloud. I bought 2 pairs of sandals (a HUGE investment, but well worth it) and I've worn them constantly ever since (about 3 weeks, now). They have several different styles - not just sandals - and I think they look much better than Birks. In fact, I've had lots of compliments on them. Just can't recommend them enough - they absolutely cuddle your feet. Good luck - hope you find something.

Re: The hunt is on.... sigh...

Maha on 7/09/98 at 19:31 (000953)

Invest some $ in a good pair of Mephistos that you can at least wear to your job interviews. Well worth the money. Don't let it get you down! Wear what is comfortable.

Re: The hunt is on.... sigh...

Diane F. on 7/10/98 at 10:25 (000955)

Thanks for the help :). As for shoes has a soft spot and sas pair and they are not enough. Have found a birk store in conn but will be about a 2hr ride but I will be going. As to a my job I am a temp worker and there does not seem to be too much work there, have to take what I can get so never know what I will have but most need office kind of shoes.. wish I could wear sandal but not allow. Don't want to fuss or would not be hired for anything. Can't get a note from a dr. as no insur. and no money to see one. Will look into those other shoes and see if we have any around but have not seen in the stores overhere.
Hoping to try on lots of shoes at the birk store and see what I can wear and then when I get some money can order through their catalog, but will get at least one pair... the joys of credit cards :) or at least some inserts for my shoes I have now. Have to get something before I do more work.. as already have rehurt my feet doing one job this week and fear what kind of damage I have done this time :(.
Thanks for the help again... makes a big different.. knowing someone understands what I am going through.

Re: The hunt is on.... sigh...

Merlyn on 7/11/98 at 07:31 (000965)

As everyone else...shoes are difficult to find. I have Birks. New Balance and just bought a new pair of easy spirit...Mephistos sound great but I have not been able to find a pair for under $200
! It is difficult to come up with that when you have spent thousands of dollars...we still have to eat
! I have a pair of walmart 1' lace up heel for dress...they are very very comfortable...ratty looking because they are 3 years old and the only thing I can wear for dress. I still ache at the end of the day...sometimes my foot locks up when I go to walk. GOOD LUCK! Merlyn

Re: The hunt is on.... sigh...

Rita on 7/11/98 at 08:16 (000967)

For Birks, try some of the sporting goods stores. I'm in Jersey and Campmoor carries Birks and also has some pretty good sales this time of the year.

Re: The hunt is on.... sigh...

Sandy on 7/15/98 at 17:12 (000997)

I have two pairs of Mephistos both for under 200. I bought one for 120 and the other for 160. Check out their website and order a catalog. When I went to Las Vegas this shoestore in Caesar's Forum shops ship shoes.

Re: The hunt is on.... sigh...

Sandy on 7/15/98 at 17:16 (000998)

Mephisto has some really comfortable shoes that are not sandals and are sooo comfortable. You might want to try the Birkestock inserts. The light blue one. It costs about 45 dollars and is really worth it. Check out QVC online. It'll get to you in about a week or so.

Re: The hunt is on.... sigh...

Dave on 7/16/98 at 15:59 (001005)

Trust me, Diane, you are not alone. I know it's small consolation, and I also know the kind pf psychological damage this injury can cause. I am ... or was ... a full-time marathon runner for the past four years before I developed this injury. I've had it since January and haven't run a step since then. I've just written an article on the injury for a local sports magazine here in Chicago and I might be of some help.

Re: The hunt is on.... sigh...

Paige on 7/21/98 at 21:15 (001042)

You might also try a brand of shoes called NAOT. They are similar to Birkenstocks, with the cork-type insoles, but they have different style. I have a pair of clogs that I've been wearing for about a year, and they are the only shoes that feel good throughout the day.